1. http://thrive.resite.io/courses/ - The thumb nails

1. http://thrive.resite.io/courses/ - The thumb nails are displaying too big. The actual size is 300x250 px. I would like the page to display the image to display to the left with the description to the right of the image just like the course theme.

2. http://thrive.resite.io/courses/list-building/ - I'd like the sidebar to show the time and min on the same line. See attache 2- Image
Like this
5:00 min
Not this

2a.. The entire page becomes blurry when the signup button is clicked. See the attached image 2a.

Please advise. Thanks.

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey Ed Scott,

    #1: The CoursePress theme had some custom templating that your current theme doesn't have (a custom template of your own would be required), but as for that image size, that can be remedied with this CSS:

    .post-type-archive-course .course-thumbnail img {
        width: initial;

    #2: That can be done with this CSS:

    .single-course .course_structure_widget li:before {
        content: '';
    .single-course .course_structure_widget li {
        padding-left: initial;

    #2a: In your case, we'll need to go with an alternative solution, to make the background darker, rather than blur it. That'd be doable with this CSS:

    .theme-wrapper.cp_blur {
        -webkit-filter: none;
        -moz-filter: none;
        -o-filter: none;
        -ms-filter: none;
        filter: none;
    .theme-wrapper .cp_popup_overall {
        opacity: 0.6;

    Kind Regards,

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