1. I want to set up an appointment site where the service

1. I want to set up an appointment site where the service providers offer both free and fee time slots

2. I want each service provider to be able to access their calendar directly and set up their own personalized schedule with free and fee timeslots

3. I want each service provider to be able to link their calendar to their own google calendar

4. I want to have coupon codes for each service provider so we can offer discounts etc

Please show me how to do 1-4 above step by step

thank you

  • Ivan

    Hello Michael,

    Hope you are having great weekend so far!

    #1 You can set up this by adding free and paid services in:
    WP admin -> Appointments -> Settings -> Services
    And then add these services to the service providers.

    #2 A+ has got a Admin permissions addon, which you can activate and define the access of a particular role on your site to be able to access the A+ backend or not. According to your choice you can allow that access but the if you assign access to one service provider, that would be able to see others appointments as well.

    The plugin also supports a shortcode [app_my_appointments] which you can use with the below attribute to allow them to cancel their appointments from the frontend

    Enter the user ID of the provider whose list will be displayed. If ommitted, current service provider will be displayed. Default: "0" (current service provider)
    Example: [app_my_appointments ... provider_id="12"]

    Enter 1 if you want to allow cancellation of appointments by the client using this table. "Allow client cancel own appointments" setting must also be set as Yes. Default: "0" (Cancellation is not allowed).
    Example: [app_my_appointments ... allow_cancel="1"]

    So if you use it like

    [app_my_appointments allow_cancel="1"] it would show the current logged in providers appointments which they can cancel via the frontend.

    #3 You can find the google calendar settings in:
    WP Admin -> Appointments -> Settings -> Google Calendar

    #4 Appointments plus does not support Coupon codes out of the box. It however integrates with the Membership plugin to offer discounts to your current members.

    A good place for resources it can be the FAQ and the Shortcodes section in WP Admin -> Appointments.

    Also you can take a look at this article in our blog - https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/build-an-amazing-appointments-website/


  • aristath

    Hello again @michael, I hope you're well today!

    Regarding access to calendars - if service providers can access each other's calendars can they access anything else on the back end like payments etc?

    That depends on your settings and what user roles you assign to your users....
    A great option would be to use BuddyPress. Appointments+ integrates with it and this way your service providers will be able to edit their own calendars from their BuddyPress profile. :slight_smile:

    Also, will I be able to know when the backend was accessed, a calendar was changed and by whom?

    Unfortunately no, WordPress does not log such events by default.


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