1 service - 2 providers on different day's

Service provider 1 is working monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Service provider 2 is working Thursday and Friday. They both provide the same service.
My appointments page shows only the choice for "service". Seems not to work to make an appointment for service provider 2 on friday. i.e. is not displaying the names of the service providers.
see http://www.vandaelen.org/vdw/afspraak

thanks, albert mullaart

  • Hakan

    Sorry but I am lost here:

    is not displaying the names of the service providers.

    I deleted the providers shortcode on pupose.

    If you deleted the shortcode, obviously providers will not be displayed.

    But I do see that there is a problem on your page: Free slots are not clickable.

    Please see this FAQ:

    I have just installed Appointments+ and nothing happens as I click a free time slot on the Make an Appointment page. What can be the problem?
    You most likely have a javascript error on the page. This may be coming from a faulty theme or plugin. To confirm the javascript error, open the page using Google Chrome or Firefox and then press Ctrl+Shift+j. In the opening window if you see any warnings or errors, then switch to the default theme to locate the issue. If errors disappear, then you need to check and correct your theme files. If they don't disappear, then deactivate all your plugins and re-activate them one by one, starting from Appointments+ and check each time as you activate a plugin.

    Although I see no javascript errors, please switch to the default theme first and see what happens.


  • albertmullaart


    Thanks for your prompt and useful responses to my questions. Appointment+ is a nice piece of work. I’m very happy with it. There are however some things I maybe don’t understand fully. Appointment+ is not yet working as I would like it.

    You wrote: "But I do see that there is a problem on your page: Free slots are not clickable".
    They were not clickable because You had to be logged in. I switched that off now.

    Obviously I was a bit unclear in my question on “2 providers - 1 service”. I will send enclosed a screenshot with some remarks to explain my question better and I explain my question again in Q1.

    Q1: Appointment+ is set up for two doctors. One is working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the other doctor is working Thursday and Friday. A client/patient has no choice for a doctor. He can choose a day and get’s the doctor on duty that day.
    It is however good practice that the client can see which doctor is on duty that day. He has then the possibility to choose another day, with another doctor on duty.
    For that reason I would like to see the name of duty doctor in the confirmation box after the client have selected a day, timeslot and has clicked “confirm appointment”.

    Q2: Shouldn’t the box, where the client checks if he made the correct choice, close after the client clicks the confirmation button (“Klik hier om uw afspraak te bevestigen”)?

    Q3: The content of the field “Status” in de “My appointments” (“Mijn afspraken”) is not translated. It seems that the nl_NL.mo is not used. Where can I translate them?
    “Status” only shows “Confirmed”. The statuses “Pending” and “Completed” are not shown. At least “Pending” should be shown.

    Q4: Can’t delete/remove “Services provided*”. Ctrl+Shift+del changes keyboard. I use IE9.

    Q5: Appointments --> settings --> “send confirmation email” (to client I presume) is set to “Yes”. But no email is send.

    Albert Mullaart

  • Hakan


    1) That is not possible, because from the point of view of A+, there is no doctor selected.

    2) Page already refreshes, but you have a javascript error on your page which prevents this. See them by clicking Ctrl+Shift+j and please fix them.

    3) Yes, status is shown in English as of now. I will try to make localized in the next version.

    4) We have never suggested Ctrl+Shift+del :slight_smile: Maybe new version is more user friendly. Upgrade to V1.1.9.1

    5) Check if you are receiving any emails from your website.


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