1) Where is my Ticket? 2) What happened to my site? 3) Where are the blog pages?

I had a massive problem with this site today, and spent quite a bit of time on chat with Patrick Freitas about it, and have been anticipating a response, but there is NO TICKET here for anyone to respond to. I don’t understand.

Someone was able to access my client’s site and actually place content on it, putting links to the official store of the San Diego Padres on the home page, as well as hijacking the blog and replacing the content with content from some other sports clothing site. This is NOT GOOD, obviously. Patrick fixed the problem in the short run, but I am very very concerned about this. I have never seen anything like this happen when I was at any other hosting. This same site turned up with malware last week, and that was supposedly all removed; now this. I really need to know what’s going on.

Everything appeared to be fixed earlier. Now, a new problem. All the blog pages for this site appear to be blank. The titles appear on the posts list, but clicking on them, either in edit mode or on the front end, delivers a blank page. What is happening here?