100% cpu usage is making the website crawl, or not found

100% cpu usage is making the website crawl, or not found

top reveals all php processes, how can I cure php using 100% cpu usage?

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi Chris! Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    Using 100% of your allotted CPU usage can definitely be an issue. There are some steps you can take to try to reduce your load, or you may want to consider moving up to a more robust host, if there's not much you can do on the site end.

    1. Make sure everything - WP core, themes, plugins - is updated to the latest version.
    2. Test your plugins and themes to determine if one in particular is causing all the issues.
    3. Use a caching solution, like Rocket Cache (*recommended), W3Total Cache, or using Varnish.
    4. Lock your site down to prevent spam users/bots draining all your resources with no return.
    5. Make sure your site is secure in general.

    If, after working through this list, you still have issues when your site is optimized, it may be time for a hosting upgrade.

    Thanks for your question, Chris!

  • Arizona Lowe
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I went through this issue when I first set-up my network and it started getting lots of hits.

    The other thing to remember, beside what Michelle mentioned, is that all your plugins use the CPU. For this reason, I was advised to keep my plugins to a minimum for what I really truly needed.

    One of the ways I reduced my plugin usage was to use the text and enhanced text widgets to their full capacity. For example, rather than use another plugin to show twitter feeds, I set up the feeds using the widget provided by twitter, copied the code provided by Twitter and the pasted it into my test widget. Worked like a charm.

    So, I would advise you to go through your plugins and determine if there is a method to duplicate it's functionality with the text/enhanced text widget.

    BTW, isn't Michelle awesome to work with?

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