1000 Points Suggestion

I am nearing my 1000 points and went on to look at the requirements again and noticed that you need 400 points awarded to you. So this suggestion is to the community here. If someone helps you, GIVE THEM POINTS. I am bad at it also, but I know that the majority of my posts and time spent in the forums has been to help others working towards this reward.

Any plus ones that people should be more generous with their points when being helped :wink:

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hiya Eric!

    You're not far off now :slight_smile:

    I must admit, I am sometimes bad at giving points. I guess I'm a bit tough with my donations, but I really recognise good contributors such as yourself.

    So yeah - if someone helps you, give 'em points!


  • Mustafa
    • Syntax Hero


    Eric has worked very hard.Congratulations (near 1k point) :slight_smile:

    Also I see that some users never use edit button,they want to new reply,new point. (so some topics have too many flood )

    Maybe WPMUDEV's need to develop the forums algorithm.

    If (user_not_use button edit in 30 minute)
    {give -1 point }
    {give 1 point}
    else if (problem solved)
    {give more points}


  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    Err, I'm pretty sure that's just changed. Didn't need 400 points given to you last week!
    Gina became a lifetime member last week, and doesn't have 400.

    It is not fair to change rules like this. I've spent tens of hours, for free, in this forum helping people, and yes, most of the time people don't give you points. Just because I'm willing to put in a lot of time over a short period doesn't mean I'm playing the system. Nor does it mean I'm not helping people.

    Surely if you are going to change the rules, it should be applicable to those who join after the rules change. This rule was a key issue I looked at very specifically before joining, checking that my investment of time and assistance would be related to how much time it would take to get to 1,000.

  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    and at least 400 of your rep points must have been gifts

    Is that a new addition? Lol - I don't remember seeing that before, but I must say I agree with it 100%.
    I've seen a number of people trying to gun the 1000, When I say gun, I mean leaving one sentence answers like "Mmm, I'm gonna need a link to the site. Or possibly a screenshot" Nothing wrong with that sentence except there are a number of instances where there was no follow through - meaning the person after providing a link / screenshot is left hanging there. I say if you honestly help enough people solve their problems, they will in turn throw a few points your way.

    Heck, I've been blessed by the generosity of some super duper folks here - who threw some points my way (which I am truly grateful for), and then some others knocked me over when they dropped double and tripple digit numbers. So I think as a community - from my experience anyways ( we are pretty giving in general) both of points, but more importantly of information :wink:

    Love the community feeling :wink:

    @Eric G,

    I must agree with phil, you're one of the top contributors / helpers: anyone just has to check your rep sheet - its scrolls down 55 and counting - to see you help others :wink:

    And you aren't far off now :wink:

    Edit: Mustafa - I agree with the edit button - (it isn't used enough) and I personally use it all the time - I am a neat freak (I hate cluttered forum post) - I will say sometimes though you do get posted over, but that is easily fixed :wink:

  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    Mmm, I'm gonna need a link to the site. Or possibly a screenshot

    Whilst if that's all someone ever does, then fair enough, but ultimately generally the most useful thing to tell 75% of queries on here is, "Does this happen with the default theme, and all plugins turned off", and if it sounds like a css issue "can we have a link".

    Whilst I always try to follow up posts I make like that ask these questions, it is still helpful for everyone to have that question asked early on, because its information the devs are going to need soon enough anyway, and ultimately it provides a fast response to people, at least initially.

    I'm actually not saying I don't agree with it. I think it is a sensible rule to bring in, and I think it will give a better balance to stop the system being abused. I just object because I signed up on the basis of the offer - which is still titled 1000 Rep Points (including 10 gifts from 10 other members) - they would have to be ridiculously generous gifts!

  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    Posted over me - lol.

    Nothing wrong with that sentence except there are a number of instances where there was no follow through

    As I said above nothing wrong with those sort of questions :wink: (I've used them, you've used them, support has used them) it gets to the root cause. But it's makes me sad when I see those questions stop there and the issue doesn't get resolved. Either people Help or don't help - That's all I'm saying :wink:

    Edit: And I understand your viewpoint of changes being made - and I have no comment (not my place to speak) only that I agree with those changes and if I am not eligible for the lifetime member based on those changes, well that is fine by me because the above change is something I think is good for the community in general. Don't know if that makes sense, but it will make the community stronger.... But you have a valid point - but I can't comment on that, as I see it slightly differently, that's all :wink:

  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    Lol, posted over your edit, nicely highlighting the slight downside of edit buttons - you don't want to be wasting other peoples time, writing a massive answer to find someone else is doing the same thing - which I've had happen a fair few times.

    I've seen a number of people trying to gun the 1000

    I've not seen anyone with anywhere near 1,000 doing that though, have you?

    Ultimately, I'm the likely cause of the change of policy - but do you guys think I've not been helpful? Have I not spent serious time and coding trying to sort your problems?

  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    Just wanna apologise for being grumpy above! I was up until 1 trying to fix a mediawiki site, then up at 6 until now (1pm) with still no success on that, or on sorting my MarketPress glitch, and one of my hosting clients has been having issues, so it's been a foul morning, and then I came on and read this as my first post for the day!

    I do think its harsh changing the rules: I especially feel it personally as I have now been given points by 11 people, and am at 760ish points, feeling very hopeful of getting to 1,000 within the next 10 days or so; but I'm only at 150 or so gifted points. I'll leave that up to you guys at WPMU and how generous you are there. Whatever happens, I don't plan on stopping after I get to the top: still got Masonjames to catch up to!

    However, I do think this will be a good thing for the forums, and hopefully will increase giving - I am hesitant about giving away 10 points when my sole target is 1000, but if the target is 400 gifts, that's harder to achieve, so I'll have more points to spare.

    Thanks for being fun forum buddies, and have 10 points Eric!

  • Mustafa
    • Syntax Hero

    noticed that you need 400 points awarded to you

    I don't agree,because this is too high (maybe 200-250 fine) :slight_smile:

    Can I buy wpmudev's rep points on ebay :slight_smile:

    I think,when staff give rep points, they can look membership date.
    I'm older customer,
    We are here at half year :slight_smile: And still going...


  • gina
    • The Bug Hunter

    i honestly didn't know there was even a way to earn a free membership when i joined.. (never bothered to click that link to learn more..it wasn't even there when i joined i think!) james pointed it out to me when i was nearing 800 rep points and had gifts from 7 people. i was just helping people because i like to help when i am familiar with the issue or have had the same problem before. i wasn't trying to help people so i could get to the lifetime membership.

    i had been a member close to a year when i got my lifetime membership. when i first joined the number requirements to qualify were different as well... then it changed... not long before i was nearing previous requirements....so i just trucked on.. helping when i could and learning a ton.

    and also... even tho i have the lifetime membership and it sure helps in my financial position.. once i launch my site and money starts coming in.. i'd like to become a paying member again! i'm sure that sounds rediculous to some... but i like paying for great service.. and all the products we have available to us here alone is worth the money to me.

    gina :slight_smile:

  • Eric G.
    • The Crimson Coder

    Really did not intend to start a thread as this one has... To be blunt I agree with just about everything on this thread. To add one thing though. I never really bought into the whole Wordpress community thing. When I would go on Wordpress.org and read the forums I seriously did not believe that NONE of those people get paid. This rep system has helped me buy into the idea of community.

    So I would say I started with the mentality of Chris of doing for the gift and as cheesy as it sounds left with a ton more and agree with Gina that there is something great about the community of Wordpress. WPMU DEV has tweaked it a bit with their model but it has made me a believer.

    My only grunting is that the rule changed without any notice and just as I was nearing 1000. I do not have the money to continue a membership and have until my expiration date to get the reward. Hence, why I am requesting members to reward for the help.

    So thanks for the support guys!

  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    Exactly agree Eric on two points:

    1. WPMU-DEV has taught me a lot about community - I actually really enjoy it here, and its fun helping others, and learning in the process. Compared to WP.org forums, I think there is an awful lot more support here. I initially joined for the offer, but I'm left with something way better.

    2. But... I just don't have the cash to renew. If anyone has any spare points, I'm always going to be happy to have them!

  • gina
    • The Bug Hunter

    @chris gifted rep points of course need to be "genuine" gifts.. can't give points just because you have extra. :slight_smile: ..rep points that are given for reasons other than obvious help to another member won't go towards the lifetime membership goal.


  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @Eric G,
    Okay, you now have 399 user given rep points :wink:
    But you get to help / inspire someone else to pass on the final one :wink:


    And that is why you are a lifetime member :wink:

    EDIT: Eric G: Well done - seems you hit a 1000 and a total of 419 user given rep points. An inspiration and a role model to all :wink:

  • Eric G.
    • The Crimson Coder

    I was wondering how the heck you knew how many points I had been awarded and figured it out. That's pretty sweet. I didn't know you could view that. I always thought it was some secret society thing that only the devs could look up.

  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    Q1: shouldn't you be one now?? || Q2: why haven't you claimed

    I don't know exactly how it works - but I did send an email and phil said he would pass it on - so I guess it is in the works? But I think I still got 9 months on my yearly subscription so I guess there is no real rush :wink:

    @Eric G,
    Yeah, I thought I'd be clever (figured you were close to the 400) and wanted to get you just about there :wink: [ your rep sheet just shows how much help you've been - it rivals some of the support dudes rep sheets :wink: ] and that is why I gave you some points ( for being an inspiration and giving freely of yourself )

    How to view other peoples rep pages - I figured it out by accident when I tried to click on member to go to her user profile, but landed me on her reputation.

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