133 Themes - how many actually look good... your thoughts?

I am a little speechless... and maybe i am not looking in the right places... when the 133 theme pack first came out i think it served a purpose... now it seems that only compatibility has been maintained... but the the actual design and look is no longer relevant... i know that i can't compare it to woothemes cuz we would consider those as premium... but can somoene recommend atleast 5 themes in the 133 that are "modern" or "sleek" looking enough to be a default theme?

Every style i have seen seems laughable as a 2011 template... IMO

is it just me.. am i downloading the wrong plugin? Is there more to it??

Are people actually offering this theme pack to their members?!

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Beauty, as always, is in the eye of the beholder :wink:

    Seriously though, these themes are great if you're offering a free hosting service with paid upgrades as many of our members do.

    It's a quick and simple way to provide a good choice of basic blogging themes to start folks off.


  • cdiary
    • Flash Drive

    seriously... most of the designs i went through look like something i did on MSFRONTPAGE years ago...

    Anyhow.. i get the "quick and simple" , "basic blogging themes " concepts but i was just expecting a little more... even if there were 5 good basic designs .... i am basically forcing my users to upgrade because the style is so bade... which is great if that is your business model... but i want ppl to register and generate traffic to their blogs and if they upgrade then that's a bonus...

    oh well.. i will have to just get a custom default design done...

    anyhow... out of all your offerings... this is my only gripe... so i guess you can't please everyone but i am surprised that ppl are making these the default offerings...

  • ippf
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    While I agree that many of the 133 them pack lack a certain "style" they do serve the purpose needed to provide members with themes to get started. I know when I looked back on my early likings of style and format I laugh and think "What the hell was I thinking?"

    I would suggest that if anyone has a killer theme they designed then offer it up to the WPMU DEV community. It doesn't have to be the latest and greatest, but look, EduBlogs theme is now available because they upgraded....so if you have a custom theme and upgrade style-wise, why not make the old one available?

    I'm not even sure WPMU DEV would accept them, but imagine next year a new member downloading the 424 Theme Pack with updates every month thanks to the community!

    Just my thoughts.... but yes, some of those themes are ...... good :wink:

  • Tony
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    Well the good news is that you can probably upgrade the look and feel of many of these themes and publish them as "ABC123 theme updated for 2011, 2012, etc." These are open source right?

    From what I understand you should be able to use them however you want as long as you attribute the original authors.

    - Tony

  • cdiary
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    Yah... i guess i am just confused cuz i saw a promo saying ""150 stunning themes"... i wouldn't use the word stunning... "customizable" and "basic" is probably the best thing to say... but not stunning... and i it sounds like based on the responses that we all agree that they are not stunning... so for a serious site owner.. these will be good to start but too bad for the guy that has to go and further customize them .. luckily i found a thread on the forum that has applicable options like elegant, woo and other ones... thank goodness for the community here...

    I would still like to see the design team revisit these WP designs and come up with modern ones... just outsource the design and release 10 decent and actually stunning ones...


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