2 Domain Mapping Questions

I have two quick Domain Mapping questions.

1. From an SEO standpoint what happens if I add domain mapping

I already have some inbound links to that particular url? If someone links to the "old" blog url will it automatically forward to the new domain that is now mapped to it?

2. I understand it is possible to map more than one domain to a blog? Again, from an SEO standpoint how does this work? Both domains would share the same content but which domain gets to be indexed by Google?

Thank you.

  • guildmeister
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    I need to set up 2 domains on each blog. One is a .US domain and that's the main domain. We also have the .COM domain because that's what a lot of people type in automatically.

    I've got the domain mapping plugin working, but when I add both domains it does the opposite of what I want. If I go to the .US domain (which we want to be the main domain name) it redirects me to the .COM domain. It needs to be the other way around... i.e. going to the .COM domain redirects to .US and going to .US stays .US.

    Aaron wrote...
    2. By default the setting is to only allow one domain to be mapped. I wouldn't recommend it for SEO reasons. Better to forward other domains to the main one.

    What exactly do you mean by forward? How would you implement a forward (what's the best way), in .htaccess as a 301 redirect?

  • Barry
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    The easiest way is to make a fake theme - at least that's the method i use on a few sites.

    Create a directory in your theme directory with a unqiue name - doesn't matter what really as long as it's memorable.
    Copy in a style.css file from another theme and edit the name / details in that file so you can identify the theme in the appearance lists
    Create an index.php with the following in it:
    <?php header('location: http://thesitetogoto.com', true, 301); ?>
    Create a new site with the domain you want (you'll need multi-site and pos domain mapping set up for it).
    Assign the theme to the new site - then any visits to the site will be redirected with a 301 header.

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