2 ips, 2 multisite installs? or not?

Hi, I am using the domain mapping plugin on my multisite network. My hosting plan has given me 2 ips on my vps. I want to build 2 completely separate networks, about 2 different topics.

Do I then need to have 2 separate wordpress installs, 2 databases and each running off its own ip? What would that look like on my directory - right now my first network is running off the root wordpress install, at ip address #1 -- how would i configure things to have another network running at ip address #2? I have access to cpanel, etc. so I can easily create a second database -- do I need a second copy of wordpress then, or can I just add the database (i would prefer not to use multiple db as I see a lot of questions about this conflicting with supporter, etc which I intend to use for both sites (but separately). Since i am already paying a lot for hosting, I would love to run both networks effectively under the same hosting account.
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    Since i am already paying a lot for hosting, I would love to run both networks effectively under the same hosting account.

    Keep in mind that multisite uses a lot of resources compared to a single WordPress installation. I'm not sure what specs your VPS has, but a single multisite network might use a whole VPS worth of resources depending on what plan you have and how much traffic you have.

    No matter what, I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to share a single database for multiple multisite installations. In fact, many people split larger multisite networks up to span multiple databases.

    As for how to set it up from a directory standpoint, that might depend on how your hosting provider has things set up. I'd ask them for an opinion on that.

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    Great advice as usual Mark.

    Multisite will work through a top level domain so a separate folder for a separate installation should work just fine, with the domain name pointing to that folder, done through the domain name setup in your cpanel (as an add-on domain). Though as Mark's mentioned, you may want to consider your hosting package.


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    Glad I found this post.

    As I was planning on having multiple networks. A main network, then having secondary networks focusing on specific industries.

    I've discussed my server needs with my host and they were say I have lots of room to move. Though as mentioned here their concern is the databases, though more from the point of view of running multiple sites on the same database.

    So much to think about :s


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