2 Major Problem with Pay To Blog Module in Pro Sites

I am using Pro sites with Pay To Blog module enabled.
*I have two levels setup (plus and Pro)
* Pay to Blog is setup with Disable Front End enabled
*There is a 7 day trial of plus setup in the settings

First of all, on a new blog creation, the blog is not added to the plus level for the trial period. So, the new user cannot login to their blog without going through the paypal payment method.

Second, MAJOR PROBLEM, when I manually try to extend the blog status by clicking on Pro Sites >> Typing in the Site ID >> Then extending it permanently, the setting does not take. Sometimes it will stay for a short period, but usually it goes right back to expired and they cannot login.

  • Mason
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    Hiya ShickWebDesign,

    Sorry you're having trouble. I haven't been able to reproduce either of those errors. Can you tell us what version of WordPress you're running this on? BuddyPress?

    Are you getting anything in your php error logs or js errors on the page?

    A bit more info and we can get ya sorted quickly. Thanks!

    *Edit* Oh, and also do you have the front end disabled component of pay to blog checked or not?

  • ShickWebDesign
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Attached are two screenshots showing that the status is correct until logout out. From what I can tell, When I manually extend, it remains until I logout and visit the blog, or I try to login with the blog owner's account (not network admin). Once either one of those things happens, the blog is set back to expired status.

  • ShickWebDesign
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I had given up and disabled Pro Sites. I re-activated it to try disabling pay-to-blog so I could answer your question,

    After re-activating, everything appeared to be working properly. I created a new site successfully and it was added to Level 1 for the 7 day trial period. All seemed well... until...

    I am using 2 levels and 2 modules: Pay To Blog and Posts/Page Quotas.

    I wanted to test the quotas so I tried to add more pages than what the quote should allow, but it allowed me to create them. So, I went to look at the quotas settings and realized that I had them set wrong. I had the minimum level required to remove quotas set for level 1 instead of level 2. When I changed it to level 2 and saved it, the issue resurfaced. The blog was immediately disabled, I could not log in without having to provide payment information and the pro status was removed from the blog.

    Also, if I disable the Posts/Page quotas module, it does not resolve the issue.

    Hope this helps and isn't too confusing.

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