2 Multi DB as well as Domain mapping sites on 1 Hosting account

Is it possible to use 1 buisness plan or babyplan even in someplace like Host gator to set up 2 busy networks of sites? Both having multi DB and domain mapping and all the bells and whistles

I want 1 BP community site and I want one separate form that without any BP type stuff I know gator has addon domains and whatnot and unlimited SQL however you can only point 1 IP at it to my knowledge and can only get 1 SSL

So as far as Im aware if I want to set up 2 personal sites like I want I will need 2 seperate accounts.... or am I wrong?

On a side note... is it possible to go the other way with this and set up the site with no BP say network A and in that network of sites have a seperate network with buddypress and whatnot.... then they could share one very large group of DBs as well as maybe domain mapping

ANyway the idea is to save money if I can while still having 2 networks any ideas how to accomplish this?