2 Purposes for my site

I have a question. I may have prematurely bought your services. I need to decide immediately if I should go forward or ask for a refund. I have 2 purposes for my website:

1. I want to make a multisite, where I offer mini-blogs/stores for all the people on my team, so they can sell their products online.

2. I want to make a buddypress for everyone in the company to share ideas (including people on my team, but additionally other people, too). The forums and groups are one thing, but I want people to also be able to share documents and pictures all in one place, and not have to look at each person's blog to find them. I really don't even want them to have blogs.

Are you services geared toward people who are running blog systems like blogger.com and similar sites? This may be too massive for me and I'm going the wrong direction. Please let me know what you think.