2 questions: (1) Media protection doesn't work. (2) A message on the membership list page!

1- Media protection doesn't work. I tried all levels (basic, complete, hybrid). Even with basic protection, when it is activated the audio file doesn't play, and even the logo doesn't show. On the home page of my website: ThinkArabic.com, you cannot see the logo. Also, there is an audio file at the beginning of the page that should play when you press play, but it doesn't. It only plays only when I deactivate the media protection add-on.

2- I see this message on the membership list page that says:
Membership expires on "whatever date"?
I want to get rid of this message and the calendar. I don't want members to see such message/calendar, because then they have to renew every month. The renewal should automatic until they cancel. I believe they should get a message that says:
"Membership renews automatically every month until you cancel." or "Membership does not expire until you cancel." -- or something similar.
Thank you ..