2 Questions and Request for help.

To. WPMU Support team.

Hello :slight_smile:

Today, I purchased Wiki Plugin.

Please help me out to make the Wiki plugin work properly.

You can access to my site(server) with the information below through filezilla or editplus.


*Host: ******.******

*ID: ******

*PW: ******


Problem 1) ‘Wiki > History’ doesn’t work.

It doesn’t compatible with themeforest.com ‘Moderize’ theme.

Could you please check out this link?


1-1) Restore function doesn’t work.

1-2) Compare Revision doesn’t work.

Problem 2) Wiki > Discussion doesn’t work to me.

Those problems really need to be fixed for me.

Please help me out, sir.

Very respectfully,

Sooyoung, Park.