2 Questions regarding Registration functionality in Membership module


First off, I'm crazy in love with your products. Wish I had found you guys sooner!!!

So I'm working on a site (www.winetrendsetter.com) which currently only has a free membership, but I'm using Membership to protect premium content. We'll probably add paid levels later on.

My two questions are as follows:

1) Is it possible to hide the coupon code section of the membership form without digging into the php (which I presume would get overwritten by subsequent updates)?

2) I think I set something up wrong, because rather than loading my Registration Success page on completion, the module reloads the Register page with a message about 'this is your Subscription, click below if you want to upgrade'. Help?


  • Kensho Development

    Thanks for the input MScott!

    You're right that the coupon code isn't a show stopper, but it is a bit odd when the only registration level is free. I'm thinking I can easily remark out that part of the form in the php. It's just that it would be a nuisance to have to do that every time I update the module.

    The registration vs. welcome page is a much bigger issue, as it's confusing for users. I'm hoping somebody knows of or can guide me toward a fix.


  • Kensho Development

    I think your read on that is right, MScott. If it's in the CSS of the theme, it would logically follow that it would be globally applied.

    Although it occurs to me, maybe there's a shortcode to display the coupon box only when and where needed?

    If not, any of you wpmu guys reading this might think about a minor tweak to Membership to allow more control of when the coupon box appears.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Question for you though: If you do this, this will disable the coupon code field for ANY membership levels you create, right? (System wide in other words.)

    That is correct.

    The CSS is simply hiding the display of coupon. There are other options like running conditional statements so the CSS is only applied for certain areas but this becomes more complex and custom.

    The way it currently displays is at the top of all subscription options.

    I suppose you could create a custom option for this, the original html output is:

    <div class="membership-coupon">
    				<form method="post">
    					<?php if(empty($coupon_code)) : ?>
    					<label><?php echo __('Have a coupon code?','membership'); ?>
    					<input type="text" name="coupon_code" value="<?php echo (!empty($coupon_code) ? $_REQUEST['coupon_code'] : ''); ?>" /></label>
    					<input type="submit" name="apply_coupon" value="<?php _e('Apply','membership'); ?>"/>
    					<?php else: ?>
    						<?php echo $remove_coupon; ?>
    					<?php endif; ?>

    So it could be wrapped in a shortcode if you need it to be or used within the theme.

    Take care.

  • Kensho Development

    Good solution.

    So, if we could steer back to the other issue, about landing back on the Registration page, showing the selected Subscription option and an "upsell" to other options (which in this case, are not yet present)...

    I've set up all the pages under Options>Membership Pages. Actually, I did so before posting this query. I've selected (and verified) my Registration Success page, but upon successful registration, in testing, I'm still getting bounced back to the page described above, rather than the page I want. I've also tried pointing to other pages: I have a login welcome page that I'm using... could there be a conflict between Membership and Login Redirect? I doubt this is the case, as I believe the problem existed before I even installed Login Redirect.

    It seems like something in my configuration is preventing the module from receiving the 'success trigger', even though the registration is in fact successful. Perhaps it's because I have a positive rule set to allow All Pages for my basic membership level? I think I'll go test that now. No reason for the rule if I'm allowing access to all pages at that level anyway, right?


  • MScott821

    Chris -

    Step one is the \register page - user sees Coupon code field, and 1 or more memberships listed.
    Clicking "Signup" button for a level takes user to...

    Step #2: User creates a username, enters email and password and clicks "Register My Account" (The user is now created in the level, but is currently set to a status of "Inactive") and is brought to...

    Step #3: Sign up for <Level Name> screen.
    The level they selected is shown, the price is listed and there is a "Subscribe" button, which, when clicked goes to...

    Step #4: If it is a free level (site setup with a paid gateway and a price of ZERO - not the free one - which tech support in the forums has said should only be used IF ALL OF YOUR LEVELS ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE FREE), the user is now registered and placed on the "Welcome" page.

    Based on what I see in my site, the user is activated and can see protected content that was not visible prior to reaching this step and does not need to login or do anything other than start enjoying their content.

    Step #4 FOR A PAID level: User is brought to the Paypal payment screen reflecting their selected level and the price. Upon clicking "Agree and Pay", they are shown the "waiting to redirect" screen in paypal, and then they are placed at the Welcome page of your site.

    One difference between paid and free when using Paypal as the gateway (could be true for other gateways too, but cannot test): As noted in the "Free" step above - the user is immediately able to see any protected content that is visible in the "Welcome" page.

    For the paid membership - the user is apparently logged in HOWEVER, until they move off the welcome page or refresh it (not sure why any user would just do that) - the protected content is NOT visible. So, it might make sense to add to your welcome page direction to the user to do a refresh so that they can see any "protected" content you might have there. In particular I am thinking of menu items if you use a Negative rule for menu so that your menus are context sensitive between members and "visitors".

  • Kensho Development

    MScott, you helped me zero in on the problem:

    At step 3, there's no subscribe button. I wonder if that's because I currently only offer one membership level. I think maybe your idea of using a payment gateway with a $zero fee may be the answer.

    I'll fiddle with that in the morning and let you know if it works.

    The "No Thank You" button was just me thinking out loud about what I was interpreting as an immediate upsell upon registration. Probably not actually relevant.

    Thanks for the assist! I'll let you know how it works out (switching to a payment gateway with $zero fee, rather than using the free gateway).

  • Kensho Development

    Hi Joe,

    Happy New Year to you, as well!

    You're right, I should have clarified that better. Under Membership>Options>General Options, there are two settings controlled by pick lists: Stranger Settings and User Registration. I was referring to the pick list under User Registration, where you're able to select a 'User subscription'.

    Since I currently have only one user level currently, and it's free, there's no reason to set a subscription level. When I had my Level 1 subscription (which I labelled 'Basic Site Membership') selected in that field, the signup process (in pages) would go as follows:

    1) Pick a subscription level
    2) Enter user information (email address and password, etc.)
    3) "You are currently subscribed at 'Basic Site Member' level... you may select a new level below" (or something like that).

    The problem is, with only one membership level, nothing appeared below, and there was no way to continue past this page... no button, nothing. It would be most useful to be able, in the control panel on the back-end, to bypass this page if desired. Not just in the case described above, but also in instances where the site admin is not interested in an immediate 'upsell' on subscriptions.

    Hope that helps!

  • rmahon

    wow, this was a long ride. . I'm very new at this and have been struggling with it for several weeks .

    But what from what I understand, if you have a level called free, they don't get a welcome page. [this would've eliminated all the initial problems you had with coupons]

    They should get a ping to your autoresponder so that you have a way to communicate with them. and expose them to content so that they realize the value of the paid content.

    In my first membership site that is still not in production. I have both a visitors and a free section. I've also checked the incomplete subscription button.

    I'm also considering a form where the questions are visible to the free members. But the answers are not.


  • Kensho Development

    Hi RMahon,

    Not quite, but close. The issue I ran into was that I had only one subscription level which was free (no coupons involved... it was just no-charge). With this configuration, the third page of the membership signup process is problematic because it offers users the opportunity to immediately upgrade to a higher membership level. I'm sure this would work fine if I actually had higher levels, but in their absence, the page gives no way to advance, nor any indication that the user has successfully registered and is, in fact, logged in.

    I suppose an alternate method, which I could have tried, would be to run my free membership through Paypal or one of the other payment processors, as suggested by MScott, but that seems awfully strange to me in a situation where no money is changing hands, so I couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead, I used the 'Free subscription gateway'. I may change it at some point, when we add paid subscriptions, but for now, my workaround appears to have sorted the problem.


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