2 questions: Social Graph vs. Social Meta & Need a Keyword Generator

So here's what I am doing (as I am self taught with wordpress & web design). I've normally spent more money on design/social elements like a little kid with his first nintendo or atari. Duck Hunt or Kaboom to be exact. I am now focused more on SEO :slight_smile: which has been going well. I'm looking for an on page/post keyword generator and have a question about Social SEO/meta.

1st Question:
Is there a need to have specific social SEO if social graph protocol is used?

Infinite SEO does not have a social setting like other SEO plugins do, but using the social graph protocol from our Facebook plugin, does that have me covered?

2nd Question:
Does anyone know of a good on page/post Keyword/Phrase generator?

Everyone I have come across seems out of date.
- I liked Keyword Winner and it's breakdown of competition.
- Keyword Finder was exactly what I was looking for but the author for support hasn't responded to others in a long time.
- WPSemantic seems to be the only recently released/possibly updated plugin, but I'm skeptical on the presentation for several reasons.
- WP Editorial Assistant seems like the best option, which has more than just Keyword features and looks pretty good.