2 quick how-to questions for latest MarketPress

Hi there,

I'm a new member and wanted to say - MarketPress is GREAT!

I've tried searching the forum for answers to these questions - and I'm pretty sure they're easy fixes - but just wanted to ask:

1) My business will sell digital downloads, how can I remove the quantity field on the Shopping Cart page? Although there is a maximum of one download, it is using unnecessary space and slightly confusing to customers. If you could let me know what code I need to delete and from where in order to keep the page looking neat & tidy that would be great.

2) Can you tell me how to delete the product picture in the shopping basket widget? It's just too small to see anything and I'd rather use the space for the product name. If there's not a little tick-box I'm missing could you let me know what code I need to delete, again to keep the space neat & tidy.



  • Kimberly


    Welcome to WPMU dev!

    So glad you are enjoying marketpress, it's quite the tool!

    Both of the things you are trying to do are found in the template function.php file starting at around line 210.

    I believe there is some connectivity between the full cart and the widget cart, so please note that removing one or more elements from the full cart may effect the widget or vise versa.

    Unfortunately that means I am not able to tell you which lines to comment out (and my test site is not behaving properly right now to test), however I would be very interested in your results in trying this, as I know I've seen a couple inquiries about custom carts and think it's only a matter of time before more people start asking for this customized functionality.

    Hope this helps!



  • RobSamson

    Hi Kimberly,

    Never expected to be giving WordPress advice... I'm only a few months in BUT... here's a solution for the widget to remove quantity and picture:

    In template function.php delete these three lines:

    1. $content .= '<th class="mp_cart_col_quant">'.__('Qty:', 'mp').'</th>';
    2. $content .= ' <td class="mp_cart_col_thumb">' . mp_product_image( false, 'widget', $product_id, 25 ) . '</td>';
    3. $content .= ' <td class="mp_cart_col_quant">' . number_format_i18n($data['quantity']) . '</td>';

    Then change these lines to include the bold to re-align the spacing and tidy it up:

    1. $content .= '<th class="mp_cart_col_product" colspan="3">'.__('Item:', 'mp').'</th>';
    2. $content .= ' <td class="mp_cart_col_product_table" colspan="3"

    Then you're done.

    Hoping someone will look charitably on my next request... it's a bit trickier!!


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