3 different issues with the Google Maps plugin

1) The zoom function doesn't seem to work at all. When I change it from "Continent" to "Details" and refresh, the dropdown selection changes to "Details," but the view remains "Continent."

2) When an image is inserted into the body content box that appears as the popup, I have to click the marker icon twice for the image to appear fully. Is this a javascript conflict? See here: http://www.hudsonvalleycompass.com/itinerary/second-saturday-stroll/

3) Also, the map doesn't show up on an iPhone 4S/5, though it shows up when testing here: http://www.responsinator.com/?url=hudsonvalleycompass.com%2Fitinerary%2Fsecond-saturday-stroll ....??!?!

  • Patrick
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    Hey there @daniel_fiege

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    For issue #1, are you adding the maps via shortcode in the post editor? If so, and have set the zoom for the specific map, you may need to adjust the zoom there as it overrides the general settings.

    #2: I don't see that in my tests, so there is likely something interfering. However, I don't see any conflicts show up in the console when viewing your page. Have you tested on a default theme and by temporarily deactivating all other plugins?

    As for #3, I'll see if I can find another member of the support staff who can check that for you, as I don't have any Maccy stuff... I know, I'm a neanderthal. :slight_smile:

  • daniel_fiege
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    Thanks Patrick!

    1#: Yes, the map is being added via the shortcode: [map id="1"]
    How could I set the zoom for that specific map there? I've only been referencing it in regard to the option in the Admin panel.

    #2: I have not tested on a default theme. Will do.

    #3: Are you seeing the maps on any of your PCy/Androidy/Linuxy devices? :slight_smile:

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