2 urls and confusion with home page

We had some malware issues, so I got the site cleaned and secure and somewhere along the way, something got entered somewhere which is making my home page show up differently.
I discovered looking at WP site that we now have 2 listings instead of one. Perhaps this happened inadvertantly when we went from Http to https? so we have ciiatglobal.org and we have http://www.ciiatglobal.org listed. I would have thought they were the same but now when I look at one I have a correct home page and the other an incorrect home page. My question is how do I make them the same home page and make sure it only points to one site. (Im not even sure if this is what's happening, but I am taking a stab at it.)
Our Navigation bar on the correct home page should have the Nav you see here: https://ciiatglobal.org/about-us/ but some pages and Home are showing this: http://ciiatglobal.org I have checked and rechecked the menu and now I am thoroughly confused. If anyone can direct me I would appreciate it hugely. I do not do a lot of code but maybe there is something simple that needs to change. I also checked in settings and did not see anything. Thank you heaps!