2012 Theme Update - Lets go mobile

hiya guys
happy 2012 to all WPMU DEV members.
the following themes had been updated to latest WordPress 3.3. and BuddyPress 1.5.2 and BBPress 2.0 compatible.

they are also updated with css3 media query for mobile view on ipad, iphone or any other smartphone.

Updated Themes:
- WPMU Nelo (now BuddyPress compatible)
- WPMU Triden (now BuddyPress compatible)
- WPMU Dixi (now BuddyPress compatible)
- BuddyPress Corporate
- BuddyPress Community
- BuddyPress Fun
- BuddyPress Social
- Edu Clean
- Blogsmu

as usual any issue found just post them in forums...cheers