2CheckOut Gateway with date errors

I have just upgraded the Membership Premium plugin and I am using the Business Portfolio child theme with the BuddyPress plugin and the 2CheckOut gateway.

Previous versions of the Membership Plugin did not update the expires dates of recurring subscriptions and cancelled members remained active.

The new membership plugin, under ‘Payment Gateways’ has a link to view transactions.

Mine now has a partial list of my members all dated 26-03-xxxx (todays date) but the years are incorrect. Some say 2012 while others have random years like 9505 and 8047 and 6033 and others. There are no members listed under pending or future transactions even though all of my members are on recurring billing.

Can this be fixed to accurately show all of my members and when their subscriptions expire? I am hoping it will also automatically deactivate members who have cancelled.

Thanks. JoAnn