2CO Gateway "Error Message"

2CO Gateway issue- (v 2.0.7)

I've been with 2CO a few years and never had a problem adding to a store or checkout. With the Member plugin it gives an error message no matter what I do:

"There was a problem connecting to 2CO. Please try again. REF:403"

I have 5 Membership levels and all give the same error after clicking "Register My Account"

-I have re-checked my Gateway info numerous times.
-I have run the "Repair Membership" check and it shows no errors.
-This website is one of 8 on my WP Network. This is the only one with Membership

Observation: All other sites I use with 2CO ask for the same Gateway info, except they also ask for
the "product code of each subscription". I notice the WPMU Member plugin does not.

I'm baffled. Any suggestions?

  • Barry
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    This any help?

    If anyone else has this problem you need to set up a new user on the 2CO site and give that user API access and API updating. Put that user name and password in the gateway settings for the 2CheckOut user name and 2CheckOut user password.
    That did it for me. Any other combination of settings, including putting in my original sign in user name and password did not work.

  • ecogreen
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    I'm confused. Though I've had 2CO accounts for a few years I've never needed to use this process
    for creating orders.

    I did go to my 2CO account just now and attempted to create a new User with only API access,
    etc. but I see nothing that will allow me to do it. I've looked several times

    I know I must be missing something but I've search everywhere. How do I give this "new user"
    API access and API updating?

  • Mason
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    Hiya ecogreen,

    Have you ever handled susbscription payments on your site before? If not, that's probably the reason this new process is required.

    Once logged in to 2CO go to Account>User Management. On the right-had side there's a spot to add a new user. Make sure you give it all API permissions as stated in the other thread and then plugin the new information. You should be good to go.

  • ecogreen
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    Yep, used it many years and sell many products from there daily since 2006. Let me explain the solution we found. Even 2CO did not realize the problem in the beginning.

    There are two (2) 2CO Vendor Login areas. An older one which many of us still use because it's easier to configure products, then the new one that started a year or two ago at:

    - http://www.2checkout.com/

    Amazingly, they don't have the API configuration at the old one we use. We don't like the new layout so don't use it.

    NOTICE: If you are a 2CO Vendor you can only make the API configuration used in WPMU scripts at the URL login @ http://www.2checkout.com/

    We love 2CO but they fell short with this information.

    It's all good now.

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