3 important update/correction's suggestions for the v2 of CoursePress pro Plugin

Hi there,

Don't know if I'm in the right section, but since Adam and Predrag told me you're working on the release of the version 2 of CoursePress Pro, I wanted to give you 3 suggestions/corrections based on my recent experience...

I worked quite extensively with your plugin, that I chose because I like the idea of using your plugins altogether (which ensure compatibility), even though I was more used to other Learning Management systems like Sensei... I have to say that your plugin is very good, but sadly there are some annoying "mistakes" in the design that makes me feel it is below the level of your competitors... Hopefully these mistakes can be corrected in the v2. Here's what I'm talking about :

1. WE CANNOT EDIT THE SLUG OF THE UNIT : To edit the slug of the units after they are created, your support told me I had to go within the database ! Which is very frustrating, especially since the edit of the slugs/permalink is a native feature of Wordpress... it's even more annoying when we duplicate a course : the new course have the same name of slugs than the old one, which doesn't make any sense since both courses are likely to be different.

2. WE CANNOT DECIDE WHAT EMAIL TO SEND OR NOT : In 90% of the plugins I worked with, we could always chose to activate or not the sending of an email notification, on an individual email basis. This is a very useful functionality (and shouldn't be that complicated to implement), especially for people working with an external autoresponder for the emails. In CoursePress we have no control over which emails are sent or not, which is frustrating because we cannot customize user experience.

3. WE CANNOT ADD COMMENTS TO UNITS : I know you have a system of "Discussions", but frankly it's not convenient at all if the goal is just to ask a quick question about the Unit a student just watched... The native wordpress comment system is perfect for that : the student can watch the unit, shoot a question, and get an answer from the team (and other student can then see the previous questions and benefit from the answer). Since that function is not included in CoursePress I had to ask an outsoucer to develop it, and quite frankly it's a pain in the ass (please refer to my support ticket about that issue to see what I mean and how complex it seems to be). Allowing native Wordpress comment to Units and Courses in CoursePress would make your plugin much better.

Let me finish by saying than despite these 3 critiques, I'm still relatively happy about CoursePress (even though I wouldn't use it "as is" again in the future and would go back to sensei), and that I'm EXTREMELY happy with your great support and service... My goal here is to help you become even better, and not to diminish your work in any way.

Please let me know what you think...

Best regards,