3 new ?'s & REASON for New thread used 4 old thread questions

I don’t know if you are getting my replies here so, I will copy & paste what I am writing in a new field. Please answer yes or no or I don’t know to the question. I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I have a new question as well. (1) Is there a way to make the membership pro 2 work with our http://banksloveme.com/FinQi-Tool/personal-free-checking which is also in php? (2) Also, do you have a good resource you recommend for turning what we have their into a shortcode so that our visitors can have that same content in a page within FinQi? (3)Overall, we just want only logged in FInQi Users using Membership Pro2 to be able to obtain the content in http://banksloveme.com/FinQi-Tool/personal-free-checking so what do you think is the best choice between the first 2 questions I asked?