3 Problems (Updating, Answer Box, Widget)

1) On google chrome, questions votes and answers are having trouble updating (or update very slowly/ or randomly). The votes didn't update for maybe an hour later randomly. And an answer I created yesterday still hasn't appeared in google chrome. But in my internet explorer, it all updated. (signed is as my admin accnt)

2) Internet explorer answer box is missing (signed in as subscriber, works when signed in as admin) Both subscriber and admin have same access rights to answer questions, create questions, etc.

3) I can't get my sidebar to appear in the right column, beside my questions content section.

Each page has a widget section at the bottom of the page, saying "About this side bar To edit this sidebar, go to admin backend's Appearance -> Widgets and place widgets into the Pages Sidebar Widget Area"

I couldn't even get sidebars to appear on the page at all until I put a shortcode into sidebar.php which put it at the bottom of each page

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.