3 questions about e-Newsletter

Q 1. Can Super Admin of a WPMU network offers sub-site admin this e-newsletter plugin, and ask them all to use : Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)


Following post that said the plugin works with Amazon, but it doesn't say if it for both main site and sub-sites or just main site only.

Q2. If every sub site admin uses Amazon SES to send newsletter out, will the website hosting company (hosting the WPMU network) has a problem with it? Is this what you called "open relay"?

Q3. If all above is fine, could my WPMU network website be labeled as spam site assuming all sub-sites all use Amazon SES and a few "bad" sub site admin just act like spamming? (Once we offer it to sub site admins, you never know what people will do with it.)


  • Kimberly

    Hello Winning!

    I will do my best to answer your questions although I'm not very familiar with email protocol.

    I've done some looking around and reading the links you provided.

    1. Yes you can ASK your users to use this, but we cannot offer you a way to require it. It is compatible with e-Newsletter.

    2. From what I understand it is the owner of the server (in this case Amazon) that will have the job of protecting from third party sending. This FAQ from their site seems to demonstrate that they protect against this kind of thing

    Q: Can I send emails from any source email address?

    " Yes. After you have received production access to SES, you can specify any "from" address in the email messages that you send using Amazon SES. However, to prevent phishing, you must demonstrate your ownership and control of each email address or domain that you use; otherwise, your email will not be accepted for delivery. You can verify ownership and control of email addresses and domains by using either the AWS Management Console or the Amazon SES API. For details on address verification and domain verification, see the Amazon SES Developer Guide."

    Also, there are many sites where you can check if you are susceptible to open relay
    http://checkor.com/ is one

    3. I think this question is best put to the service provider. Also from their FAQ:

    "Q: How can I monitor the email I send using Amazon SES?

    Use the AWS Management Console to proactively identify and monitor your sending activity. The Console displays the number of emails you've sent, the maximum number of emails you can currently send per 24-hour period, and the per-second rate at which you can send them.

    The AWS Management Console also lets you view the number of bounces, complaints, and emails rejected due to spam filtering events. The data is aggregated over the past two weeks, and is divided into 15-minute intervals. If these numbers are increasing, they can signify problems with the quality of your email. In the case of a dramatic decline in quality, Amazon SES may be forced to suspend sending your emails without prior notice, or take other action as AWS deems appropriate.

    Q: Who, if anyone, has access to my email content?

    We take our privacy and data protection responsibilities very seriously. Amazon SES uses in-house anti-spam/anti-virus technologies to filter email messages containing poor-quality content and prevent them from being sent. We will only access email content under very limited circumstances, such as system troubleshooting, or investigating fraudulent or abusive activity. Furthermore, other SES customers do not have access to your email content."

    Hopefully this is helpful :slight_smile:



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