3 simple questions about Marketpress 3.0


1. How can I export my products from MP 2.9.x.x and import them into MP3.0
2. How can I export all my orders to a CSV file
3. Where can I find documentation for theming MP3.0


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Ella!

    1. How can I export my products from MP 2.9.x.x and import them into MP3.0

    The MarketPress 3.x should pick up all the products from previous versions during an update. There's currently no export/import tool built in and our developers are working on it, though I'm not able to give you any ETA on this.

    You may however want to try regular WP Export/Import tool as products are posts of custom types. I tried that in past and it worked for me, though I admit this was with relatively small amount of simple (no variations) product. In case it didn't work for you let me know please and I'll include MarketPress developers in this to find a way to move/copy those products.

    2. How can I export all my orders to a CSV file

    There's no CSV export but orders a "custom post type" posts as well. They can be exported to XML using regular WP export tool ("Dashboard -> Tools -> Export"). Alternatively, this plugin could be used to export directly to CSV:


    3. Where can I find documentation for theming MP3.0

    Please go to the "Store Settings -> Presentation" page in your site's dashboard and click on "More information here" link in "Store Style" section.

    Kind regards,

  • Ella

    Hi Adam Czajczyk,

    1. import and export
    I tried several times to export and import products to a fresh install of MP3
    I never succeeded! It are not really "heavy" products Over 5 languages I have circa 1000 products.

    2. export orders as a csv files
    I am so used to work with the old exporter from MP 2.9.x.x . Every month just a simple export and almost directly ready to go in my administration.,
    Ok, I have something now but never expected that an update has less functionality then the previous version.

    3. Theming Marketpress.
    I know that file but that is not how it is working.
    The standard style of MP30 is a mix of Theme (default.css) and Style ( marketpress.css).
    Really don't understand why they did that...

    You can put both css files in the directory /wp-content/marketpress-styles/
    and they will show both up in your Store settings->presentation. But you only can choose one...

    On this moment on, ellad2.nl I use the Theme css out of the /wp-content/ marketpress-styles and I putted my custom Style marketpress css in the plugin directory. Only when I update the plugin it is gone.

    There are a lot of doubles in both css files and I was wondering or I just can strip one file and put everything together in the other style sheet.


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Ella,

    With MarketPress rewrite (3.0) there were lot of improvements but unfortunately some things like importer tool didn't make it to the initial release but we do have them in our to-do list in order to add it back in future releases.
    Hopefully we will see it back soon :slight_smile:

    3. Theming Marketpress.

    You can only select one styling file but you can combine your files using any text editor and then select that one file for your styling.

    Duplicate code shouldn't have any issues, the latest code will overwrite the previous one.

    Best regards,

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