30 hours for plugin integration? Really?

Hi, I'm trying to set up a website to promote locally-owned businesses in my state and I've downloaded an activated the WPMU Dev Directory and Membership plugins. It got a bit over my head so I'm hoping to hire someone to help set up and integrate these plugins so I put together a specific job description listing the activities (setting up the taxonomies, ensuring the payment options and gateways are working, etc.). I just got a bid on the job that included "30 hours for plugin integration." That seems like a lot of time to me, but I don't know. I would like to get some feedback here in the WPMU Dev forum. The plugins seem really straight forward so I'm a little baffled about what would take 30 hours to integrate. Advice appreciated. Many thanks.

  • Philip John
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    That does seem like a lot of time.

    However, I would encourage you to work this out for yourself as setting everything up the way you want doesn't really involve coding so paying a developer to do it for you is going to be unnecessarily expensive.

    Would you like to explain to me exactly what you're trying to achieve and I'll see if I can help guide you through?


  • Jonathan
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    Yeah, 30 hours is a lot. But it could also be that he/she doesn't do work under that time. A lot of these rent a nerd types don't do 1, 2, 3 hour jobs. Isn't worth it, and I can understand why.

    I would take phil up on his offer, and try and work this out yourself. Trust me you are going to need to do this a few times in the existence of your website. Sites need to be moved, are hacked, info gets lost, etc etc... all the reasons why we ensure we have tons of backups :wink:

  • LocalFlavor
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    Thanks for your time and advice. The 30 hours was only a part of the proposal I received (see below). I would actually like to learn to do this myself but felt like I was getting in over my head. I couldn't find all the info I needed in the WPMU Dev manuals and there seems to be a lot of updates with the plugins recently - both bugs and new issues. I would LOVE some feedback. Should I post the info here or send it privately? Thank you so much. - Deborah

  • Jonathan
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    The support guys here don't do private support. So I would say post it here in the forums. Also, there is a community here which steps in to help where they can and if they can. Obviously custom development stuff is better suited to a custom developer. But it never hurts to ask as somebody might be trying to do the same thing and already have the answer :wink:

  • LocalFlavor
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    OK Jonathan and Phil,

    I hope this is not too much information. I tried to develop a very specific job description so this is broken down into tiny details. However, if you have general comments rather than details that is very much appreciated! I agree that it is worth my time learning all of this (especially since my husband wants to switch his blog to wordpress.org as well). Many, many thanks. - Deborah

    Overall objective of website: Local Flavor celebrates LOCAL food, art, culture, heritage and slow travel in the Upper Midwest (USA). We are designing a website that will help consumers to find desired businesses and activities in combination with geographic destinations. We want to recruit small businesses to the website for a fee and offer them other advertising opportunities (ticket sales, package deals, merchandising, etc.). FYI... Local Flavor also provides other economic development services for rural communities and entrepreneurs (and will eventually be set up as a social enterprise). For now, we have set up the WP website and have graphic designs and content. What we need is for you to provide us with a bid for the following:

    Setting up, integrating and testing WPMU Dev Directory and Membership plugins on the LocalFlavorTravel.com Wordpress website (these are not regular Wordpress plugins).

    I. WPMU Dev Membership plugin (already downloaded and activated on website)

    a. Review plugin and insure everything is set up and working properly (members can sign up, pay fee, have their own log-in information, can input their own data into a form for the directory and be able to update and edit it at will, etc.)

    b. * Insure the membership categories are set up as (they have already been set up, just
    need to be reviewed)
    Pre-launch Membership (until Jan 1, 2012) $35.00 per year
    Pre-launch Premium Membership (until Jan 1, 2012) $55.00 per year
    Regular Membership (after Jan 1, 2012) $50.00 per year
    Premium Membership (after Jan 1, 2012) $75.00 per year
    Sponsor (will vary)
    Traveler (free) limited viewing

    c. Allow members to sign up for up to three (3) categories in the directory (for example,
    1) Food 2) Festival 3) geography/NE Minnesota)

    d. Enable members to sign up for additional advertising (this may have to be done in a
    future project contract but would like to know options now)

    e. Website must accept payments (paypal is included in plugin)
    **Establish payment gateways and accounting procedure
    **Establish reminders for renewing membership

    f. Establish management and tracking of members and payments

    g. Establish ability to send a message to members

    II. WPMU Dev Directory plugin (already downloaded and activated on website)

    There are numerous categories (taxonomies). I've already entered them, but I am currently re-organizing the categories. You can look at them now and I can send the new categories (taxonomies) when we finalize a contract.

    a. Review Directory Plugin and insure everything is set up and working properly.

    b. Entries will be categorized by several criteria (will need to be set up)

    c. Insure Directory Plugin is in sync with Membership Plugin and everything is set up
    and working properly.

    d. Customers can search directory or database. Insure "search" feature is working so
    that anyone can search the site.

    e. Establish a formula for featuring businesses in the directory so that they will appear as
    follows: 1) Name of Business or Event 2) website with direct link 3) address and
    other contact information 4) thumbnail photo 5) one sentence description

  • Mark de Scande
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    @LocalFlavor I am reading trough this and most of the stuff you would like to do is available here.

    I see one big problem you need to add the stuff you want one buy one

    1) https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/pro-sites (This will sort out your member ship levels)
    2) https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/e-commerce
    (I have this set up on BlogLines.co.za and some sub site) Ie http://greenerlifestyle.bloglines.co.za/ and http://seabreezemarketing.co.za/
    3) https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/wordpress-directory or https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/classifieds

    So yes this list can be long :slight_smile: Have a look at what i have done and then use me as a template :slight_smile: you can also email me if needs be :slight_smile:

  • LocalFlavor
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thank you Mark. I am using:
    Theme Twenty Eleven with 0 Widgets
    You are using WordPress 3.2.1.
    A Membership system plugin Version 2.0.7 |
    With regard to the membership plugin:
    Create some shortcodes - specific parts of a sites content can be protected using custom shortcodes - create an initial set in the options panel. Make sure you set the shortcodes to be protected by default, and put in a helpful message (if you want one displayed) about why a non-member is not able to see the content.

    Worried about creating shortcodes. :slight_frown:

  • LocalFlavor
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks to everyone. I've switched to a classifieds plugin instead of directory. I think this will help. Hopefully no more questions for now. I appreciate everyone who commented. Sometimes you can feel on Mars when you're in cyberspace.

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