3.0 Menus Export / Import tool

Just posted this on the job board and realized it’s probably going to make its way to being a plugin sooner or later…. We’re facing the same thing a lot of peeps are as they upgrade to 3.0 when they integrate 3.0 menus into their theme…. it’s easy setting menus up on one site, but what if you need to apply a default set of menus to hundreds or thousands of existing sites? Right now you’re going to have to edit the database to do this, but wouldn’t it be great to have a super awesome Menu import / export plugin? Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Even logging into each install one by one to import / export using a tool would be better than doing it manually, but ideally being able to check off the blogs you want to apply a given export menu file to all selected blogs at one time would be even better…. we had a plugin built for us that does this with pages, choose a page from one blog to replicate, then push it to every blog you check off from a list, so you can update all chosen blogs with new content or pages all at once…. if it only did this for menus….. :slight_smile: