300 px right sidebar....

Hi group !

Ok... I've got a new problem today ! :wink:

Would like to modify the width of the right sidebar of these different pages to be 300px :


Any clue.... Any suggestion to begin with ???

Thanks !!!


  • DavidM
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    Hi Alex,

    I couldn't see a way to do that without getting into some extensive editing. If you look at the index.php file in the activity folder you'll see it calls the sidebar.php file as does the other BP templates.

    I imagine you could add some conditional functions in sidebar.php to test for which page the sidebar is being accessed from, then copy the sidebar code and rename and restyle the div for that. Alternatively, you could maybe create a new sidebar.php file strictly for your purpose, then restyle it and call it from those BP templates (activity, groups, members, etc.).

    It's quite extensive though, as I mentioned, something you may want to look to a developer for if you're not comfortable with that.


  • Zocalox
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    Huuuummm.... Thanks for the answer David !

    I wanted to have a 300px width side bar... to insert a 300x250 banner ad. 300x250 is easier to sell than any other size !

    You know what... instead of changing the sidebar width... I'll change the banner ad ! :slight_frown:

    I'll put a 250x250 everywhere then. It's gonna be much easier....

    When the network will be bigger... We will be able to modify that for a 300x250 if needed then.

    Thanks a lot David.


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