301 Redirect with WPMU

I'm trying to install WPMU in a sub domain of my site, the domain currently has a 301 redirect installed.
Is there any way to install on a subdomain & use sub directories for blogs?

I have tried several times to install on both subdomains & sub directories.. when trying to install on the subdomain I receive an database connect error message... when using sub directories obviously I get redirected to a blank white page and it stalls...

Any Suggestions? Any one else run into this at all?

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    +1 for specifics as in the domains as well as the specific error messages you are receiving. That's a good idea when asking for help on any support forum. +1 for also checking the webserver's error logs. (I don;t think it'll matter in this case but that's also a good habit to get into and I believe asked for in the install readme.)

    I'm trying to install WPMU in a sub domain of my site

    A word of advice. Install wpmu within it's own account. If you're using something like CPanel, it does subdomains within a subdirectory under root and you will have problems. WPMu is designed to be run within root as well. Best bet would be to create a new account for the subdirectory and install wpmu into the new account.

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    @Aaron- My main domain is setup with a 301 redirect to a different domain.
    I would like to install WPMU on the domain that is redirected. I have tried doing this in sub directories, which get forward due to the 301 redirect. I have also tried installing it on a subdomain of the redirected domain which should redirect. I get a Cannot Connect to Database Error when doing this... All pertinent info is correct for installation. I have installed WPMU several times successfully in the past. So my question is can WPMU be installed on a subdomain, then use sub directories as the blogs?

    ie: subdomain.domain.com/blogs

    @drmike- I was using cPanel to install, and did notice that the subdomain was within a sub directory in the filemanager. If by account you mean MySQL Database, I have created a new one just for the purpose of WPMU but still got DB errors for some reason.. I think the redirect has something to do with this maybe. I have installed WPMU on several domains in the past with success, but this is the first time trying to install within a domain that is redirected. Although being installed within a subdomain should not redirect, but we may run into issues trying to use sub directories for the blogs within WPMU.

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    If by account you mean MySQL Database,

    No, I mean an account. Different login, password, everything. Needs to be separate and the main url within the account, not an addon. Create an actual account for subdomain.domain.com, not as an addon. That;s why you;re getting redirect problems. CPanel and many other hosting platforms use redirects to serve addon domains and subdomains.

    So my question is can WPMU be installed on a subdomain, then use sub directories as the blogs?

    Yes, that'll work fine but again, subdomain.domain.com needs to be as it's own account, not as an addon.

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