3.3 permalinks – remove /blog???

Hi all… again…

I’m really a bit stuck – just installed a new MU 3.3.1 site which is going to be used for a business with lots of sub sites for different parts of the business.

Problem is on the main site I’m getting /blog appear in the permalinks.

I’ve looked everywhere to see how to remove this or change it and I can get it to work.

Last thing I tried was to change the permalink in the network settings of the site – and although it changes the permalink on the post page in admin, when you click on the page to view it says page not found.

I’m really going bonkers as I can’t set-up the new site with the /blog in the url as its for a company (which looks really unprofessional) and I don’t want to launch the site to google with the urls wrong and then have to work later to fix the SEO issues.

Anyone know a way around?

Banging my head on the wall – please help!