3d slider "Show slideshow on all pages" option not working correctly

Well, Well, I recently asked a question about the 3d slider on this site.
The response was a joke.. and the fact that your marked your response to my question as such, is damm right arrogant! Especially, when you either did not understand the question or didnot want to understand it.
Firstly, my question was when I selected "show slideshow on all pages" to no. the slideshow stopped displaying.
your anwser: was to say that you cant do this.
Well, the option is there, so obviously you can do it. the problem being is that when you do it seems to not work.
The correct anwser is that; when you set the option "show slideshow on all pages to NO, the page which will display the single instance of the slideshow is the blog page which is set in the settings/reading/front page displays should be set to BLOG
I could have accepted your first response, which I could have replied to and given you a clarification to my question as it was clear you had missed the point, but to close the support question as resolved in my view is not acceptable.
I have been a member for one day, and am not impressed by the support so far.
Thanks for your eventual reply.