3rd Party Plugin and Upfront Conflict?


I'm using a plugin called 'The Grid' and am in the process of implementing a code to link different actions. (Opening up the page with a specific 'Filter' selected).

I was recommended to check with the theme author as to the conflict that is occurring. I'm not sure if it is due to Upfront itself or the child theme built with builder.

This is the code that was implemented as .js within the plugin settings:

// Hash Filter with name
var filter = getHashFilter();
if (filter) {
    var filter_id = $('.tg-filter-name:contains('+filter+')').closest('.tg-filter').data('filter');
function getHashFilter() {
    // get filter=filterName (currently id filter, pretty name for later)
    var matches = location.hash.match( /filter=([^&]+)/i );
    var hashFilter = matches && matches[1];
    return hashFilter && decodeURIComponent( hashFilter );
// auto filter on hashchange
$(window).on( 'hashchange', onHashchange );
$(document).on('click', '.tg-filter', function(){
    var value = $(this).find('.tg-filter-name').text();
    location.hash = 'filter=' + encodeURIComponent(value);
function onHashchange() {
    var hashFilter = getHashFilter();
    if (!hashFilter) {
    // filter grid
    var filter_id = $('.tg-filter-name:contains('+hashFilter+')').closest('.tg-filter').data('filter');

Hopefully I can explain a bit to the best of my knowledge. This is code that was given to me and is suppose to edit the URL/Slug when a Filter/Category is selected (screenshot 1) which would allow me to link to that page with a specific category open/activated. However the issue is that that isn't happening.

This is the last reply from the developers of the plugin:

Theme replied
5 hours ago

Your issue comes from your theme or a 3rd party plugin which modifies all text/script input. The encodage of your whole theme is wrong and not properly declared. I think it comes from the HTML charset. This issue is not related to The Grid.

You should try to deactivate plugins one by one in order to see if it solve your issue. In that way you will be able to identify if it's a plugin or your theme. And if it's not the case, then you should contact the theme author.

I have yet to try a plugin conflict test and will update this thread/post if I find anything that is in conflict. Though, I don't have to many plugins on ammaroots.com at the moment so I'm not anticipating to much.

Hope you guys can help with this one!

Much Love,
Ciro Bey