3rd Step of Registration not working with new 3-RC-1


I updated my membership plugin yesterday to 3-RC-1 so that I'm up to date and now my 3 step registration is screwed up :slight_frown:

Problem: After filling out the form on step 2 the new user is not sent to paypal. Instead, a blank page with "Registration" appears. (see attached) If I hit refresh the user is taken to step 2 and given the notice that "that user name is already taken,sorry", and "that email is already taken, sorry".

I am using new emails and usernames that I've created so that cannot be a problem. I've activated Paypal Single Payments but I don't get to step 3 to test the payment process. It appears to be the membership side is not registering new accounts at step 2.

Any ideas and what's going on here and how can I troubleshoot this? Please request anything from me and I'll duly get that to you!

**As well, I am seriously considering paying to have this taken care of. I am not a developer but I can follow directions as well as anyone. If you would be so kind to help me that would be great! If not, where can I find a reputable developer? Does WPMU check or rate the developers listed in the "custom" section?