40 min appointments but starting on the hour/half hour. Has anyone found a way?

I've successfully managed to come up with solutions for all sorts of appointment schedules throughout the year but with some forthcoming changes to our schedules I am completely stumped! Can anyone help?

- Our appointments last 40 mins.
- But they need to start at 11.30am (and then be at 12.10pm/12.50pm and so on)

If I set appointment length as 40 mins, the appointments can only start at 11am or 11.40am.

I suppose I could set appointment length as 10 minutes and then give the service provider a 30 minute break between each appointment, but the calendar would look really huge with 10 minute slots throughout the day!

Anyone got any ideas please?

  • Vaughan


    the closest i can get this is to use 10 mins on the time base

    and choose legacy time (you will need to enable the 'Durations' Addon in Dashboard > appointments > settings > addons tab)

    then in general select legacy for Time slot calculus method (screenshot 1)

    once done, you can set your services to 40 mins.

    then set working hours to start at 11:30

    you'll have a huge list of 10 min time slots though.

    but you could hide those that aren't available with CSS

    td.notpossible, div.notpossible {
         display: none;

    however, people will still be able to book on the inbetween times like 11:40 & 11:50 etc.

    i can't see any other way around this unfortunately.

    hope this helps

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