404 error on all page and post links

Just installed 2.6.5 via Andrea's new Installation Guide for Beginners. Everything seemed to go fine but when I try to visit pages or posts on the main blog or any sub-blogs I get a 404 page. Wildcard sub-domains have been enabled by my host (not that that matters here necessarily) Everything looks fine on the surface but I'm getting these errors on page/post links.

I have another WPMU test site that someone else setup for me, on the same host, and it works fine...so the problem is probably me and my setup. Can someone help?

The error log indicates the files does not exist but of course the pages and posts are there.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


  • bp2008
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    Andrea: They are the 404's from the browser, the host-provided ones (HostGator in my case). BTW, I love the installation guide, great work! It was such a huge help to a newbie like me.

    drmike: I verified with HG that mod_rewrite is activated.

    I just remembered that when I did the install I failed to delete the htaccess file and change permissions. Everything seemed to take though. I went back and deleted the file. Could this be it? Don't know what to do about it now though.

  • andrea_r
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    Well, you need the .htaccess file. It's supposed to create one on installation.

    Also, sometimes if the htaccess file is there, Apache isn't set to actually read it, which is what usually brings up the 404's. They need to put Allow File Override in there.

    You shouldn't have to touch php.ini.

  • bp2008
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    Sorry, wasn't clear. I know that I need .htaccess. What I meant to say was that in the process of troubleshooting I kept on getting into CPanel and deleting wpmu, getting out, deleting the .htaccess file again and trying the install process all over again.

    Anyway, at this point I don't know what I did different...but I walked away from it, came back a couple of hours later, refreshed the install page, submitted the details...and it worked! Sure wish I knew what I did to fix it though... :slight_smile:

  • drmike
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    For future reference:

    Review thread #99 over on the mu forums. It goes into how to get rid of the htaccess file and allow mu to write it with a cpanel install. You sign out of cpanel and then delete the htaccess file via ftp. If you;re logged into cpanel and delete htaccess, it just recreates it.

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