4096 Install

I tired 256 db's install in a test site and it is working fine. I am planning to go for 4096 db's install now. So before I start it I wanted to know if any of you have done a 4096 install. If yes then please share your experiences and/or any gotchas which you faced.

Also I wanted to know whether it is possible to spread the databases across multiple database servers or should all of them be present in the same physical database server.

I have a feeling that they can be placed in multiple database servers by specifying the appropriate db host in the wp-config.php file. But I want to confirm it from more experienced and expert guys like you before I proceed. Thanks!

I will post my experience with 4096 once I am done with it.

  • drmike

    Nope, 256 dbs here on all of our installs. We host a single 15k blog install. Everything else is under 2k blogs.

    Spreading the databases is actually fairly easy. It's just a matter of changing the 'localhost' bit into what the actual name of the server would be and then creating the databases and accounts on those servers. We do the 15k site like this as the databases sit on a second server. You then have to open up the firewall and all that as well. I know wp.com sit's their db servers off the net on non-public ip addresses. (or at least they used to. With them now using Amazon, not sure how they're doing it now. Probably should do that with mine.) That's probably a good thing to think about.

  • drmike

    Just one within a single Direct Admin account on there. We didn't do anything fancy. mu files, object cache, and uploads are on one box, db on the second.

    To be honest, it was more of a server load issue and how much space they were taking up. The site was originally using about 15 gigs within a single hosting account. (Our base accounts are a single gig but we're flexable with clients. We only place 200-225 hosting clients on a single box.) The load on the box was higher than we wanted it to be as well. The client also wanted the option to expand and move up to a dedicated server. They just desided to go ahead and do the db server as it was within their budget. Planning ahead really.

    If money isn't that much of an object and you've got the hardware to play around with, I'd get 16 servers and put all the 'a*' databases on one, 'b*' databases on a second, etc. That way, you keep organized.

  • Sudar

    So I finally got 4096 db's working. :wink:

    It took me quite a while to set it up but finally made it to work. Currently I am having all the 4096 databases in the same server and I am planning to move it to different servers eventually. (It is just a test site now)

    I found it very difficult to move the existing blogs to the new setup and finally I gave up and started from scratch. It was only after scrapping the original database, I found that Andrew has released the next version of the Plugin with the tool to move the database. (I should have waited for one more day :wink: )

    I will keep you guys posted about my experience as I move the site to production.

  • drmike

    Don't you hate it when you miss something like that? Look at it this way -> You're a risk taker. :slight_smile:

    It's been mentioned that one should start with the multi db setup right from the start. Makes life easier down the road. heck, on my test install, I have it in there even though it's really not for public use.

    For me, it was just time consuming to set up the 256 databases. On my install, we had to go through cPanel to do so as I didn't want to bother my host. (I owe her money) Wrote a script that fopen's the url that actually creates the db and then assigns a user to it. Like a 3 second pause in between each step. 2 steps for each db. Times 256 databases. Took most of the afternoon if I remember correctly.

  • Ìyûri

    Hi Need a Help in Installing Multi DB in 4096 Scale

    My Only Problem is how can i easily assign one user to the 4096 DB
    Using Command line from my Root Directory

    Can Anyone Share me their Step by Step Intallation of 4096,
    Is there Any Extra thing to do other than the Instruction here...?

    If there is , Can Someone share me...

    My Server is a VPS with 1Gb memory , 1 Terra Hard Drive and 3 Terra Bandwith...

    Im Using CentOS

    MySQL and PhpAdmin...

    hmmm, Follow Up Question, Are others using Ngix? Which is better in the Long run?

    Got So Many Questions but i hope it get answered thanks :slight_smile:

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