50 Most recent pages....grrr

So I've been researching like crazy and have talked to a couple people about this already. what was suggested to me was to edit the membership-config.php file from the 50 to something higher- I did this and still no change. the following code is whats running now- Any help would be greatly appreciated!

location of file: httpdocs / wp-content / plugins / membership / membershipincludes / includes / membership-config. php

code in question:
// Determines the number of posts to show in the posts rule
if(!defined('MEMBERSHIP_POST_COUNT')) define( 'MEMBERSHIP_POST_COUNT', 500);
// Determines the number of pages to show in the pages rule
if(!defined('MEMBERSHIP_PAGE_COUNT')) define( 'MEMBERSHIP_PAGE_COUNT', 500);
// Determines the number of groups to show in the groups rule
// Determines the maximum charge listed in the charges drop down
if(!defined('MEMBERSHIP_MAX_CHARGE')) define( 'MEMBERSHIP_MAX_CHARGE', 500);