500 error not enough memory

I keep getting a 500 error when i want to save my MENU. The logs saves messages related to memory but how can updating a menu take that much memeory?!

  • James Morris

    Hello Robert

    Looking over your debug.log, I'm seeing some issues there that are causing both Fatal PHP Errors and MySQL errors that are not related to memory_limit. The thing with that is, when you have other errors going on, your server can easily exceed your memory_limit by trying to run a misbehaving script that gets a bit out of control. The best way to determine if your site has a broken plugin or theme that is causing a cascade of errors is to run a conflict test on both your theme and plugins. Looking at the chat notes, I'm not seeing where this was done.

    Whenever you perform a plugin conflict test, it's always better to do so on a staging site. You can learn how to create a staging site here.

    The simplest way to perform a plugin conflict test:
    * Login to your site via FTP
    * Navigate to wp-content
    * Rename the plugins folder to _plugins
    * Create a new plugins folder
    * Move the plugin folder (ex: membership) you want to test from _plugins to plugins
    * Then, one at a time, move other plugin folders over from _plugins to plugins until the symptom returns

    NOTE: While you are doing this, do not visit WP Admin -> Plugins on your site. This will ensure that your plugins remain active when you copy them back over.

    You can also find more details in our Docs section on Initial Troubleshooting: https://premium.wpmudev.org/docs/getting-started/getting-support/#chapter-2

    Would you please backup your old debug.log file, then perform a full conflict test (including themes and plugins) to see if this is related to either your theme or a specific plugin?

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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