503 error WPMUDEV dashboard

Can’t access to WPMUDEV -> Plugins, site give a 503 error.

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Johnno,

    I checked the WordPress core file, .htaccess, and wp-config.php file, and I don’t see any specific issue that could be causing this.

    I further enabled debug mode to see whether it would give a clue, but I’m afraid it doesn’t help much. The issue is more specific to the server side.

    Could you please ask your hosting provider about the server logs regarding this in your system, and also bring this into your hosting provider’s attention regarding what could be causing this behaviour in the server side?

    Please do let us know what you host has to say regarding this, and also share the server logs so that this could be looked upon closely.

    Looking forward to hear what your host has to say regarding this, so we could have a better idea. Have a nice day ahead. :slight_smile:



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