6 questions about the Q&A answers plugin.

I have a few questions. If you would rather me split these into three different posts, I can do that, just let me know. The first 5 are more general and might apply to more than just me while the last question is specific to my installation.

1. Are there plans to integrate this plugin with the Achievements plugin. It would be really cool if the reputation points from this plugin could be applied to site-wide achievement activities. I only ask because if that isn’t something on the foreseeable horizon, I will get someone to custom integrate it for me.

2. Likewise, is there a way to change the point totals given for each action.

3. How would you suggest adding meta tags such as title and description to the archives page. Right now, the title defaults to the last question asked, but it would be great to have the seo of this page stronger so I can try and rank like a forum would.

4. Is there a way to display which categories or tags are appearing on the specific page (specific question) in a sidebar. Since a sidebar is out of the loop, I wonder of this is possible. Basically, not listing all the categories and tags, which I know how to do, but listing just the ones appearing in that question.

5. How do I disable the update notifications plugin without installing the plugin. I find it disappointing that there is such a notification you cannot X out of. I don’t want to install any unnecessary plugins. I know you want to keep me updated, but I can follow that on my own. How do I disable the notice without the plugin.

6. My own personal question. For some reason, I can't seem to get the "accept an answer" to display. I haven't changed the code, just the css on the default template, so I don't know why it isn't called like in the example site. Here is a screenshot: http://www.screencast.com/users/jeffreygaudette/folders/Jing/media/ca8ffde5-1d85-4080-9dcb-ab3e89383cec. Again, I made no changes to the default template.

Thank you in advance.