7 Day Trial in Stripe


Ideally we want people to enter their credit card details when signing up for a 7 day free trial. Then after their trial period is complete their account will be automatically processed unless they hit cancel.

If I set a 7 day free trial in ProSites then it allows the user free access to our basic level without the need to commit to a credit card.

I have integrated stripe and notice that stripe offers a X day trial option, so I can setup a subscription. This means that the user will be upgraded to PRO, and 7 days later if they have not cancelled their card will be processed. It will then be processed every month from that point.

To acheive this I will be disabling the free trial option in ProSites itself.

My question is, will this scenario work OK with ProSites? Will ProSites be expecting a monthly cycle or does it fully rely on messages from Stripe?

So for example as long as the last message from Stripe was: "All OK", then ProSites will keep all live till whenever a new message comes from Stripe?

So if 2 months and 7 days later Stripe sends a "Card Failed" message then ProSites will just act on that?

Hope I am making sense here.