a basic Multisite configuration

I am designing a new WordPress Multisite network for which I have tried many times and failed many times to accomplish. After carefully reading all of your plug in descriptions I have concluded that you are the leading experts in WordPress Multisite networks and I am turning to you for your technical expertise. My ultimate goal is to implement a fully automated commercial Multisite network using a multitude of your products, however, right now I just need help with a basic Multisite configuration. Going through your help forums I believe that I saw that you once entered a WPMUDEV customers C-panel and WordPress admin and set up his configuration.

I need help setting up a basic WordPress Multisite network and I believe it would save us both a lot of time if you were simply to do this for me. My question is: if I give you FTP access to my WordPress installation and C-panel access to my BlueHost VPS server… would you please invoke a basic working WordPress Multisite network? I have plenty of unused registered domain names for you use for testing.