A+ BP integration doesn't work with WPLMS One Instructor theme

There're both Appointments+ and BuddyPress plugins active on site. A+ is set to not auto-confirm appointments and to let service providers set their own hours and to confirm their appointments. A service provider should see his/her appointments in BuddyPress profile and be able to confirm them there.

With WPLMS Instructor theme they can see both Appointments tabs in BP profile but "My appointments as a service provider" one is empty. Switching to default (Twenty Seventeen) theme immediately "fixes" that so there's some incompatibility.

  • Panos

    Hi Joshua ,

    I can't replicate this issue in the themes I ahve in my test site, so there is a chance it is a conflict with that theme somehow.

    I couldn't locate any specific hook/filter which could help, in either theme nor plugins (Appointments and BuddyPress).

    I have done a slight modification on the Appointments plugin on your site and it seem to be showing correctly now.

    I'm not sure if this modification will be included in a future version though so here is what was the change I made. In file :

    I changed

    function tab_template () {
    		bp_core_load_template(apply_filters('bp_core_template_plugin', 'members/single/plugins'));


    function tab_template () {
    		add_action('bp_template_content', array($this, 'screen_content_my_app'));
    		bp_core_load_template(apply_filters('bp_core_template_plugin', 'members/single/plugins'));

    So in next update if this patch is not included you can repeat this small change. The reason this patch may not be included is because this is not a bug on plugin as it uses the
    which is set to display the appointments list.

    Hope this helps!


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