A breakthrough with bounces - thanks!

I've had a breakthrough of sorts! I've been using eNewsletter for 3 months now, and even though the bounce account has been receiving bounce messages, I've not once seen a bounce registered in eNewsletter - until today! And I'm so excited - heehee (the simplest things you know!).

Anyway, I don't know why it's suddenly working, but it really is. I sent out an email to about 4800 subscribers, 8 messages have ended up in the bounce account thus far, 4 of which were actually "out of office" messages, and 4 true bounces. The 4 out of office messages did not trigger a bounce in eNewsletter, but the true bounces did!

Since I'm always asking questions, I thought I'd post and let you something is working now that I had assumed would just not be that useful to me!



  • Danita
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I do have a question though - when are bounces actually processed? I now see more messages in the bounces mailbox, but they have not yet been picked up my enewsletter. Does that only happen at specific times of day? Or on specific triggers?



  • Maniu
    • Developer

    Hey @Danita

    Bounce is checked after few minutes newsletter is done sending but as bounce messages sent by servers are not standardized, its hard to do 100% certain checks.

    eNewsletter is using XMailer and MessageID email variables to check for bounces. MessageID may be overwritten by servers and XMailer is the backup.

    Hope that helps,

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