A BuddyPress Multi Network and New Blog Template plugin marriage?


I’m working on a new BuddyPress Multi Network.

This is my question (It’s a mouthful…:wink::

Do you foresee any obvious issues using a cloned frontpage site of a Buddypress enabled multi-site as the child-site template for a BuddyPress Multi Network?

I’m trying to decide if I can just speedily clone the frontpage site or need to rebuild the original theme on a sub-site to use for cloning to sub-sites.

Should I disable Buddypress and disable ( BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG defined true) before I clone? Since it is already the same theme and Buddypress enabled, it sounds like the way to go.

I’m considering using the “New Blog Template” plugin to clone.


…and for the multi-Buddypress network plugin:


I’m also posting this question to http://buddydev.com/.