A Case For Developer Documentation

You guys have good support but It's always baffled me as to why you don't offer developer docs.


Time Savings - Yours and Ours
Think about the time you will save from having to "ping a developer" which happens in just about every other thread on these forums. It will also save the user endless amounts of time having to sit and wait for said developer to be "pinged" which can take days, weeks and in some threads I've read, it takes YEARS (yes, years https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/missing-actions-on-pro-site-login-form).

Your target audience needs them to do custom work you're always asking us to do
In many cases, you ask use to get custom work done. Usually on features that really should already be included in the plugins. As developers that get these requests, we need documentation to take you seriously. Asking you or digging through piles of code to find out what we need is not an efficient use of your or our time. I guess you could say ultimately, your target audience really are developers by proxy.

Because people are searching for someone who does
I can't tell you how many times I've performed this search for prosites. Sadly, as soon as I see one and one that offers better dev docs, I'll switch. I've been watching these guys particularly close.

You may be the leaders now - but so was myspace.
Don't rest on your laurels. Dominate your position. All it's going to take is one competitor with better written and more tightly integrated plugins and better dev docs.

I know this might come off as a bit tough but I really do like the ideas and support you have. I just want to see the community get stronger and all our jobs get easier.