A client needs two types of system logins extranet and Client Area


I have a potential client who wants a quote for a new web design and implementation, naturally my first order of business is seeing if WordPress supports it, as WordPress is the best obviously :smiley:.

So my client needs a decent CMS that does everything a CMS would normally.

However our customer also needs a uniqe login system one for clients and the other a staff extranet.

I am unsure which one is staff and which one is client but below is an overview of what needs to be possible in the client area and staff extranet.

A way for clients to update there contact details.

PDF uploads and report uploads

Status Reports


Is this possible on WordPress and if so what plugins is there to assist me with this, I have not yet got the client this is just to see if it is possible in WordPress.

Thank you very much for your fantastic support and I will look forward to your reply.