A couple of different problems to be solved

Hello WPMU Friends

I am using WordPress Multisite with Buddypress installed. I use the buddypress default template. I got to problems, I hope you can help me solve.

1. My buttons overlay each other. Are there some codes to make the space between them further away.

You may want to zoom the pictures out:slight_smile:

2. Is there some way you can display whitch users who has “Favorite” your post. Right now I cant see who has favorited my comments. Is there some codes to do that.


I would really like to have my dashboard customized, when my members are using it. I would like to have a dashboard like here on WPMU, where there are specified menus the member can access. I would only like to have the “Your Profile” and the “Your Directory Entry” to be shown.

I have tried with Admin Menu Pro/Editor, but I think they are very advanced. I cant seem to do it right.

I have also tried with AG Custom Admin, but it dont seem to work. It do not make any changes.

What have you guys done, and can you recommend some other plugins?

From Thomas